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  • Procurement Optimization

    Our comprehensive portfolio of Procurement Optimization Services is designed to help your company achieve significant cost savings, reduce risk, and build strategic supplier relationships.

  • Product Sourcing

    Let us help you align your business with key purveyors to improve supplier capabilities and logistics along with innovation, reliability, and costs reductions while maintaining quality integrity.

  • Contract Negotiations

    Our purchasing team will negotiate all aspects of your terms and conditions while ensuring the supplier addresses your specific issues and long term objectives.

  • New Item Implementation

    At your direction we will procure, negotiate, and coordinate cuttings/samples, while managing your supplier/distributor communications. We track data and market trends to provide accurate information for forecasting and stocking capabilities.

  • New Item Implementation

    At CPS, we utilize your complete buying power by carefully examining total spend and product usage. By consolidating products to a single supplier we are able to secure significant cost savings and ensure compliance across your enterprise.

Seamlessly Track the Data Important to You

  • Rebate Tracking

    Let us monitor, maintain, and process the rebates and incentives unique to you.

  • Adhoc Reporting

    Our comprehensive in-depth system allows us to build and create customizable data reports essential to your growth and success.

  • Contract Management

    Our purchasing team reviews, negotiates, and maintains all distributor and supplier contracts specific to you. We ensure proper implementation for spot-on supplier/distribution practices and pricing.

  • Order Guide Cleanup

    We provide the tools and resources to seamlessly build and preserve your entire order guide. Through weekly maintenance and compliance we are able to mitigate rogue ordering and substitutions.

  • Order Guide Cleanup

    Our custom-built software system directly links to distribution reporting which enables us to provide you with fast accurate real time data.

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