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Own Your Data

Our database will keep a record of your entire purchase history. This gives you total ownership of your valuable business data, allowing complete control even in the event where you change or add distribution partners.

Prevent the Headaches

Our system looks to eradicate price discrepancies before they ever reach an invoice. Through our proactive approach all items are price verified before purchases are made, virtually eliminating any issues upfront.

Catch What Slips Through the Cracks

In the case where a distributor fails to correct the discrepancies before an order is placed, our system will price verify every invoice on a daily basis to ensure that any affected purchase is identified and communicated for resolution.

Ensure Compliance Across Systems

Don’t let the financial impact and quality risks of rogue ordering affect you. Our system provides the tools and visibility to prevent compliance issues before they become overpowering.

Analyze and Evaluate Your Purchases

Our system’s provides a comprehensive view of your total cost of goods across all distributor partners, suppliers, categories, and item levels. With customizable analytics we are able to help reduce food cost, consolidate suppliers for contract negotiations, and track market trends.

Contract and Rebate Management

Our system seamlessly tracks, monitors, and implements contracts and rebates unique to you.


Direct portal access to a personalized dashboard allows easy access to all your purchasing information through customized reporting and analytics.

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